Arbiter Roadmap

Document repositoryCan upload and download RTF documents by titleAlpha1
SimpleTest generationCan scan bulleted lists for test casesAlpha2
Document writebackCan write test results back into the documentAlpha3
Glossary extractionCan build glossary entries from likely text when requested from the serverAlpha4
Test macrosCan factor commonality in testsAlpha5
Glossary writebackCan detect unknown highlighted terms and add them to the glossaryAlpha6
AuthenticationSecurity on the serverBeta1
HTML documentsCan import HTML requirements documentsBeta2
Documents displayCan render RTF documents on the server as HTMLBeta2
WebDavRTF import and export by WebDav protocol1.0
SearchCan search for documents with full text1.0
Other xUnit generationAlternate test cases, possibly JWebUnit1.1

Additional features that would be nice to have would be: